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Stress Management.

Busy People.

Made Simple.

Reduce burnout. Manage Stress. Increase happiness.


The Everyday Stress Management Tool

30 Seconds or Less


Busy?  Can't focus on yourself for longer than a minute at a time?  No problem!  StressWise uses techniques that take 30 seconds or less.

Alone Time?  NOT Needed!


StressWise techniques are designed to be done in full view of patients, students and anyone else.  Any no ...  you won't look silly taking a moment for yourself!

Simple Techniques


We are not robots or one-size fits all, so StressWise uses a combination of stress-reducing techniques throughout the day. 

Set Your Intention


Want to feel calmer during the day's rat race?  Then set that intention!  Your conscious and subconscious brain will help make that happen.

Customize to YOU!


Choose your work days, choose the number of notifications you want per day.  Customize to what works best for YOU!

Tools for Your Off Time


Want more tools for your off time?  We've got that too! 

Put yourself in time-out (hide in the pantry, closet , laundry room, wherever ...) for some stress-reducing you-time.

Super Simple.  Super Fast.

Learn our expert-recommended techniques in seconds and start to apply them.  Quick videos teach you what to do and notifications tell you when to do it.

Healthy for You.

Happy for Them.

When you take care of you, you can better help others at work and at home.  Remember your self-care is important to more than just you.

About Us

We are busy people who created an app for busy people.


We are aiming to reduce burnout, increase happiness and minimize your overall stress load in a few minutes a day.

StressWise began with two working moms, no self-care time and a desire to feel better mentally and physically.  We researched and found most stress management solutions require reading a book or blog, applying tools that seem to require an hour a day and then remembering to use the tools throughout the day.  We just didn't have time for that!

So the StressWise app was born with a goal to remind you throughout the day to use professional-approved stress reducing techniques that take less than 30 seconds each and can be done in full view of clients, patients, students, peers or the grocery store staff.

Who said stress management had to take a lot of time, energy and focus? 

Not us, because that's not our reality!


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