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Stress Management for
Healthcare Providers

Let's face it, stress happens at work. 

Build stress relief habits 60 seconds at a time with exercises that can be done any time, any where.

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Hospitals Never Sleep

We know you work around the clock and have some of the highest burnout rates out of all industries.

Our app is designed just for you.  Set alert timing to align with your sift and receive fast, discrete exercises to lower your stress levels.   

Customized Daily Programs

SOS Tools for High Stress Situations

For some, your days are filled with high pressure - life or death moments. We have fast, on demand tools to help you mentally prepare to manage the toughest stuff.


Leave Work At Work

Disconnecting from a long day at work is tough for most of us, but its even tougher for healthcare professionals.  Our stress rinse tools help you to clear your mind and leave your stress at work. So you can go home and enjoy your family after a long day of caring for others.

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'Learning is a matter of gathering knowledge; wisdom is applying that knowledge' 

- Roopleen

Organizational Discounts

Over 500 employees?

Contact us for organizational group rates. 

"When there has been an incident, I'd love to provide my staff with an effective tool like this rather than the standard brochure." 

 - Emily, Hospital HR Business Partner

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