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Stress Management for
Busy People

A daily stress management program that takes 60 seconds or less - because we know you are busy.

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StressWise APP 

It's all in the app. StressWise app gently prompts you throughout the day with easy 60 second exercises that you can complete anywhere you are.

Customized Daily Programs

Set Your Schedule 

We’ll send you alerts with 60 second exercises to complete through out the day.  Determine how many you’d like and how often and we’ll do the rest.


Daily Experience

  1. Set your daily intention

  2. Receive gentle reminders

  3. Reduce stress 

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'Learning is a matter of gathering knowledge; wisdom is applying that knowledge' 

- Roopleen

Daily Programs Not Your Thing?

Daily plan is not for you? No problem.  Choose from hundreds of stress exercises – all 60 seconds or less to do when ever you’d like.



Learn more about StressWise, our experts and stress management techniques through our blog!

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